Choose the Right Wood for Your Backyard DIY

What Type of Wood do You Need for Your Next Outdoor Project? The quality of your backyard DIY project is as good as the construction material you use. Whether you want to build a piece of furniture or deck, you need to know the correct type of wood to suit your project. It’s important [...]

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Should Lumber Be Pressure Treated for Outdoor Projects?

Pressure Treated Lumber for Outdoor ConstructionsPressure-treated lumber is wood that has undergone chemical preservative infusion to make it less susceptible to water damage, mold, and insects. The pressure treatment can make the wood more durable or, better still, become fire retardant.Pressure treatment involves the use of high pressure to add a chemical preservative into the [...]

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What is a Lumber Yard?

Understanding How a Lumber Yard Works A lumber yard is a commercial establishment that processes, stores, and sells wood-related products used for construction. The term lumber yard is sometimes used interchangeably with timber yard. Most lumberyards sell products and materials produced at lumber mills, where clients pick up supplies at the yard themselves or [...]

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What is A Baluster?

Understanding the Basics of Balusters The staircase is probably the first thing your visitors see when they enter your house. It helps to define the structure and design of your interior. The most common components used to display your staircases are balusters. These popular features also come in handy when building a railing system [...]

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How To Protect Cedar Wood For Outdoor Projects

Use These Treatments to Make the Most Out of Your Lumber Cedar is one of the most popular types of wood for outdoor projects. It’s used for everything from decking to gates, shingles, and even decorative pieces to make your backyard pop more. Its unique red color makes it highly stylish as well, and [...]

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