4 Green Egg Tables We Love

The Big Green Egg smoker is a versatile, modular outdoor cooking solution

Based on the Japanese tradition of mushikamado grills, Big Green Eggs serve as a grill, and oven, and a smoker combined into one compact, convenient package. From slow-smoked barbecue pork to pizza, the Big Green Egg does it all.

When you invest in a Big Green Egg for convenient outdoor cooking, you’ll need somewhere to put it. A Green Egg cedar table built around the smoker is a perfect addition for any outdoor kitchen, providing much-needed space for food preparation. You can find Green Egg tables to fit almost any decor style, from conservative traditional aesthetics to weathered industrial design. The manufacturers of the Big Green Egg offer a special metal Table Nest, which provides additional airflow underneath the Egg when incorporated into your table. It also keeps the Egg from making contact with flammable materials like wood and cloth.

Need ideas for your outdoor kitchen? Here are five amazing Green Egg tables that we absolutely love.

A Timeless Traditional Table Design

We love this elegant traditional Green Egg table from Hampton Grill Worx, a Kentucky-based manufacturer of bespoke custom barbeque tables for Big Green Eggs and drop-in gas grills. The granite countertop adds a refined element, balanced by the slightly rustic finish on the cedar wood. Metal racks for utensils and cookware, along with ample open cabinet space for storage, make this Green Egg table as useful as it is beautiful.



Rustic Wood & Glossy Stone

This cedar Green Egg table from Counter Culture showcases a sleek, sophisticated dark granite counter-top. Made from rustic knotted wood that’s perfect for an outdoor deck, the table is specially constructed for flush insertion of the Big Green Egg, allowing plenty of room in the back to open and close the lid’s hinge. The table’s relatively open construction offers plenty of storage, and its modular design accommodates the deck’s size and shape perfectly.


Size Isn’t Everything

This elegantly compact custom Green Egg table from Quality Decking Solutions was created to fit perfectly into a suburban back deck with limited space for an outdoor kitchen. Nestled perfectly in its space, this pleasantly minimalistic design is free from any excess. Despite its relatively small size, this table still offers space for storage underneath. A trap door hinge on top offers access to a compartment that holds a small cylindrical cooler.


Clean Industrial Design that Makes a Statement

This sleek concrete Green Egg table from Aquaterra Outdoors combines the clean lines of contemporary design with a distinctively industrial aesthetic. Designed to fit seamlessly with an industrially styled backyard area, the large surface provides plenty of space for food preparation or for serving guests.

There’s A Perfect Green Egg Table for Any Backyard

From rustic cedar wood Green Egg tables, to striking modern industrial design, your Big Green Egg smoker can become a centerpiece for beautiful yet durable outdoor furniture. From pre-made options to bespoke solutions, you can find the perfect table to fit your own unique sense of style.