5 Ways ProWood Makes Building and Renovations Easier

A beautiful home starts with high-quality materials that will stand the test of time and defy tough weather. The ProWood line of building materials offers the kind of outstanding production from the elements that pro contractors and builders have come to rely on. In fact, this September, ProWood was named a Top 100 Product by Pro Builder magazine.

The ProWood line of products includes several innovations and features:

Fire protection. Using technology to infuse fire-retardant chemicals deep into wood cells, ProWood’s fire-resistant, pressure-treated wood is code-compliant and Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-approved. This process alters the wood’s chemistry so that when heated, it releases carbon dioxide and water, which helps stop the spread of flames. ProWood FR dimensional lumber, plywood and wall assemblies for multifamily and commercial structures or custom homes are also backed with a 50-year limited warranty. Applications for ProWood FR include beams, roof trusses, rafters, plywood roof sheathing, floor and roof joists, steps and stairways, studs, interior partitions, purlins, subflooring, millwork, trim and more.

Easy, natural color. ProWood avoids messy staining and painting with its innovative color treatment system. ProWood products can be color-infused, meaning pigment is driven deep into the wood fibers, producing rich, natural beauty that will last for years. In addition, ProWood is treated with an EPA-registered waterborne wood preservative system that helps protect against pests and fungal decay. The best part of this tough yet attractive treatment: The lumber retains its natural wood-grain beauty—meaning neither contractors nor builders nor homeowners must spend time staining or painting. Color-infused ProWood lumber can be used in decking and other aboveground applications and has a two-year no-fade limited warranty for horizontal applications and a five-year limited warranty for vertical applications. Compatible with aluminum fasteners, color-treated lumber has a lifetime limited warranty against termites and rot. It’s ideal for decks, railings, lattice and lawn timbers.

Save on fasteners. ProWood offers contractors and builders the option of Borate lumber, a material alternative that can save money on fasteners. ProWood’s Borate lumber is ideal for applications such as studs, plywood, joists and rafters. Designed for interiors but tough enough for high-use functions such as sill plates, ProWood Borate is compatible with fasteners used for untreated wood, including carbon steel, galvanized steel, copper and silicon bronze. With a lifetime limited warranty against termites and rot, ProWood Borate performs well without requiring contractors and builders to spend extra on special fasteners.

Reduced shrinking, warping. Providing weather-defying durability, ProWood Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) is a stable, lower-weight treated wood option. Dried in a kiln, this lumber is less prone to shrinking and warping. In addition, contractors and builders will find it easy to cut, and it can be stained or sealed. With a lifetime limited warranty against termites and decay, ProWood KDAT offers dimensional stability while being compatible with aluminum and carbon steel fasteners. ProWood KDAT’s lower weight makes it easier to handle and install on the job site. And the kiln drying process renders a ProWood KDAT–finished panel thickness that’s more constant than other lumber, which may vary in size depending on moisture loss. 

Safe and environmentally friendly. While offering the widest selection of pressure-treated lumber, ProWood has also implemented several environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. MicroPro wood-preservation technology has earned several green certifications, garnering recognition as the first product named an Environmentally Preferable Product by SCS Global Services, a sustainability standards certification company. This technology also has the National Green Building Standard Certification and the GREENGUARD Gold Certification.