How The Big Green Egg Works!

It’s no wonder that, the Big Green Egg is a truly exceptional grilling tool. The advanced materials, smart construction, and versatile design of the Big Green Egg makes it powerful and flexible.

Looking for a Big Green Egg in Marietta, Georgia? Curious about how the Big Green Egg Grill works – and why it’s different? Let’s break it down for you! 

Step 1. Load It Up!

The patented two-layer design of the Big Green Egg is what makes it such a powerful grilling tool.

Start by filling up the lower firebox with high-quality lump charcoal! This efficient, powerful furnace uses proprietary air venting technology and a Flow Draft Door to control the amount of air entering the firebox.

Step 2. Fire It Up!

The smart design of the Big Green Egg allows it to heat up more quickly than any other charcoal grill on the market.

Ignite the lump charcoal in the lower firebox, and the airflow provided by the Flow Draft Door will provide it with all of the oxygen it needs to heat up quickly and evenly!

 Step 3. Grill It Up!

Once your charcoal is burning, it’s time to start grilling! You can use the advanced temperature controls of the Big Green Egg to adjust airflow, and achieve precise grilling temperatures from 400-750°F.

By controlling the oxygen flow and burn rate of your charcoal, you get unparalleled accuracy, allowing you to cook a wide variety of items. From steaks and burgers to roasts, pizzas, whole chickens and ducks, and more – The Big Green Egg can handle just about anything!

Step 4. Seal It Up!

Once you’ve cooked up your meal, it’s time to seal up your Big Green Egg! Simply close the lid and the exterior vents.

You don’t have to extinguish it with water – once the vents are closed, the charcoal will run out of oxygen, and burn down safely. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about anyone accidentally burning themselves on the grill – the patented double ceramic design of the Big Green Egg leaves it quite cool to the touch, even after hours of cooking!

Using A Big Green Egg – It’s Just That Easy!

The Big Green Egg is truly the most powerful and versatile charcoal grill on the market – there’s no better choice! And at Metro Building Products, we have a huge selection of Big Green Egg products and accessories – if you’re looking for Big Green Eggs in Marietta, Georgia, there’s no better choice!

So come in today, and see the power of the Big Green Egg for yourself!