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What is a Lumber Yard?

Understanding How a Lumber Yard Works

A lumber yard is a commercial establishment that processes, stores, and sells wood-related products used for construction. The term lumber yard is sometimes used interchangeably with timber yard. Most lumberyards sell products and materials produced at lumber mills, where clients pick up supplies at the yard themselves or make an order to have products delivered to their homes or sites by the lumber yard services. (more…)

What is A Baluster?

Understanding the Basics of Balusters

The staircase is probably the first thing your visitors see when they enter your house. It helps to define the structure and design of your interior. The most common components used to display your staircases are balusters. These popular features also come in handy when building a railing system on your deck. (more…)

How To Protect Cedar Wood For Outdoor Projects

Use These Treatments to Make the Most Out of Your Lumber

Cedar is one of the most popular types of wood for outdoor projects. It’s used for everything from decking to gates, shingles, and even decorative pieces to make your backyard pop more. Its unique red color makes it highly stylish as well, and since it’s also durable, cedar becomes an affordable and smart investment as well. (more…)

TigerClaw TC-1S Softwood Deck Fastener

Shop high-quality fasteners for natural wood at Metro Building Products

Working on a new wood decking project? Wondering what fasteners you should use for softwood in Atlanta and Marietta? The TigerClaw TC-1s Softwood Deck Fastener is a great choice. Get all the details about these fasteners in this quick guide. (more…)