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Outdoor Accents® ZMAX® Angle 4x

Ideal for home repair projects, outdoor living structures & more

Whether you’re building a new outdoor structure like a pergola or a gazebo, or reinforcing floor or rafters for a home repair or rehabilitation project, Outdoor Accents® ZMAX® Angle 4x products are a great choice. (more…)

Sakrete High-Strength Concrete Mix

Ideal for walkways, curbs, stairs, ramps and so much more

Whether you work in landscaping or construction, high-quality concrete mix is critical for building structural elements like slabs and foundation walls and footings, and for non-load-bearing applications like building stairs, ramps and more. Sakrete High-Strength Concrete Mix is a great option for unparalleled durability and strength at a reasonable price. Learn more below, or shop at Metro Building Products, Inc. now! (more…)

Yellawood Columns Porch Columns

The ultimate choice for beauty, performance, durability and longevity

Looking to build a new porch or renovate an older porch? Yellawood porch columns from Metro Building Products, Inc. are the best choice. Learn more about this unique product below, and see why you should choose Yellawood products for your next project. (more…)

The Big Green Egg Conveggtor

Use The Big Green Egg Conveggtor To Turn Your Big Green Egg Into A Convection Oven

At Metro Building Products, we carry a full line of Big Green Egg EGGcessories, including the Big Green Egg Conveggtor, Conveggtor baskets, and so much more for Big Green Egg grills of all sizes. Learn more about the Big Green Egg Conveggtor below, or buy your Big Green Egg Mini Max Conveggtor or a Conveggtor for an Xlarge egg at Metro Building Products now! (more…)