The Big Green Egg rEGGulator

Enhanced Temperature Control For Your Big Green Egg

Want finer control over your grilling temperatures when cooking your favorite foods with your Big Green Egg? The Big Green Egg rEGGulator from Metro Building Products is just what you need.

The Basics Of The Big Green Egg rEGGulator

The Big Green Egg REGGulator Vent Cap is an airflow controller that provides temperature control with easy adjustment. The adjustment tab is coated with silicone, allowing you to adjust the air supply quickly and without burning your fingers. Simply open the vent further for more airflow and more heat – or close it to decrease cooking temperatures.

Benefits of The Big Green Egg rEGGulator

Why get a Big Green Egg rEGGulator? Here are a few reasons.

  • Easy shut-off – Done cooking? Simply shut the rEGGulator all the way to eliminate airflow and extinguish your charcoal.
  • Higher airflow – The fully-open vent provides 50% more airflow compared to the Dual Function Metal Top for more efficient cooking.
  • Permanent placement – The rEGGulator permanently replaces your Dual Function Metal Top, and never requires removal.
  • All-weather performance – You can use the rEGGulator with the optional Rain Cap to cook with your Big Green Egg in any weather conditions.

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