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Should Lumber Be Pressure Treated for Outdoor Projects?

Pressure Treated Lumber for Outdoor Constructions

Pressure-treated lumber is wood that has undergone chemical preservative infusion to make it less susceptible to water damage, mold, and insects. The pressure treatment can make the wood more durable or, better still, become fire retardant. (more…)

The Top Uses For Fire Retardant Treated Wood

If you’re interested in creating safer, more fire-resistant structures, fire retardant treated wood (FRTW) is a fantastic choice. At Metro Building Products, we have a long line of FRTW products. Learn more about FRTW and its benefits below!



What is a Lumber Yard?

Understanding How a Lumber Yard Works

A lumber yard is a commercial establishment that processes, stores, and sells wood-related products used for construction. The term lumber yard is sometimes used interchangeably with timber yard. Most lumberyards sell products and materials produced at lumber mills, where clients pick up supplies at the yard themselves or make an order to have products delivered to their homes or sites by the lumber yard services. (more…)

Why We Should Choose Aluminum Deck Railings

When adding the finishing touches to your newly constructed house or working on a renovation project that includes a deck, choosing the deck railing may not be something that you are familiar with (or give a lot of thought to if we were to be honest.) But, there are minor details that could make a major difference in the long run. For example, you will have to choose a sturdy material that can last for years in changing weather conditions and intensive use on a daily basis for an exterior deck railing. (more…)