Thank you for visiting our Metro Atlanta Lumber Blog!  Metro Building Products offers building supplies and lumber yards to the Atlanta community.  We have a wide range of cedar lumber and timbers to choose from.  In addition to cedar lumber, our Marietta & Woodstock locations carry building supplies, lumber, decking materials, and all types of fasteners.

Advantages Of Cedar Lumber For Your Deck

Here are a few reasons to use cedar lumber on your new deck or porch! See our cedar products! Cedar Decking and Posts When it comes to any outdoor building project, cedar wood is an outstanding option to use according to most experts. Cedar lumber and timber is highly valued as a [...]

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How Rough Cut Cedar Beams Brought New Life To This North Atlanta Office

Older office buildings must occasionally face expensive overhauls and time-consuming facelifts – whether because of outdated building standards, new management, or a simple desire to modernize the look and environs of an office building. This was the situation we found ourselves in with our new Marietta Lumber Yard– though the design of the office was incredibly [...]

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This January, We’re Coming to Marietta, GA

  At Metro Building Products, we’ve served the Metro Atlanta area with great building products for years. Now, we’re proud to announce that around January 2017, we’re opening a brand-new lumber yard in Marietta, Georgia. Now, Marietta residents won’t have to drive all the way to Woodstock Georgia to get the supplies they need. Providing [...]

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Making the Grade

  How Lumber Grading Works As you’ve probably noticed, lumber is designated with “grades.” After the lumber is cut at a sawmill, lumber grading helps determine how a cut of wood should best be used. Higher grade lumber has fewer knots and other defects when compared to lower grades. Softwood and hardwood are graded using [...]

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