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We offer a wide variety of composite decking, hardwood decking and pressure treated decking.


The new generation of composite decking (often referred to as “cap-stock” decking) provides excellent aesthetics, performance, and low maintenance compared to composite decking options from years past. This cap-stock technology provides an “outer shell” cap of protection that makes today’s composite decking very resistant to scuffing, scratching, and fading. The multiple color options available provide a realistic wood look but without the maintenance that all wood decks require. Composite decking can be installed with hidden fasteners for a clean surface appearance. Outer band trim is available for matching the color and texture of your decking choice.

Composite decking typically comes in 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths in grooved boards to receive hidden fasteners and non-grooved boards for surface fastening and stair treads. Most come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Great Aesthetics / Realistic Wood Look
  • True Low Maintenance
  • Extended Life
  • Resistant to Scratching, Scuffing & Staining
  • Easy Installation


Hardwood decking (often referred to as Brazilian Hardwoods) offers beauty, durability and strength and is superior in terms of longevity to most wood decking options on the market. The high wood fiber density offers better resistance to cupping, rotting, and splitting compared to some softwood options. There are many hardwood options on the market with the most commonly known being Ipe (pronounced e-pay). Cumaru, Garapa, Tigerwood, and others are available and perform well when properly installed. Hardwoods don’t absorb typical penetrating stains and can be oiled after installation to obtain the dark rich color often associated with most hardwoods. Or they can be allowed to weather to a grayish color. Even when oiled fading will occur over time requiring periodic maintenance to maintain the dark rich color.

Working with hardwoods often involves pre drilling for fasteners and waxing end cuts during installation. Stainless steel screws, wood plugs, and hidden fasteners can be used.


  • Great Aesthetics
  • Long Term Performance


Pressure treated decking is the most commonly used decking material in the southeastern market. This is largely due to its low cost compared to composite or hardwood options. Pressure treated decking is available in 5/4x 6” (1’ thick) and 2×6 (1.5” thick) and in a variety of grade ranges that include everything from “standard” grades to “vertical grain” grades.

Pressure treated decking can be stained using a variety of penetrating stains designed for exterior decks. Although some sources recommend waiting weeks or months to stain a deck allowing for it to “cure out”, it’s our opinion that the staining process should be done right after the deck is completed. This avoids the weathering, swelling, and contracting that occurs if a stain / sealant is not applied.

Pressure treated decking retains moisture after the treatment process occurs. As a result shrinkage to varying degrees can occur after installation.


  • Low Cost
  • Accepts Stain Well

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