Yellawood Protector Stain

These professional-grade, acrylic-oil hybrid wood stains and sealers are water repellent and provide excellent protection for all outdoor projects like decks, fences or outdoor furniture.

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Semi-Transparent Stain & Water Repellent Wood Sealer

Stain & Water-Repellent Wood Sealer prevents structural damage and wood decay on exterior above ground wood surfaces such as fencing, decking, wood siding, log homes, and roofing. The sealer resists water absorption that causes warping, cracking and splitting as well as preventing freeze damage in colder climates.

Powerful water repellency, Easy application, Dries quickly, and Cleans up with soap and water.

Rich colors penetrate deeply and last a long time.

Semi-transparency highlights the wood grain.

The premium alkyd oil finish in our deck stains penetrates wood providing superior moisture damage protection, while the acrylic finish repels water, resists wear, and fends off mold and mildew.

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