Your Guide To The Basics

Wondering if TimberTech Radiance Rail from Metro Building Products is right for your project? Need more information about how to install it? Get all the details you need in this quick guide.

Metro-Building-Products-Marieta-6Installing TimberTech Radiance Rail – Your Quick Guide

TimberTech Radiance Rail is easy to install, and this composite decking solution provides long-lasting results. Here’s a quick guide to installation.

  • Install post sleeves & skirts – Begin by installing the posts into the post holes, and slipping the post sleeves & skirts over them. Trim, if necessary, to an ideal height of 38.5”. 
  • Cut top & bottom rail – Next, trim the top & bottom rails to length. The rail can be cut 1/8 inch shorter if you are using gaskets for 90° cuts. 
  • Assemble brackets onto rails – Assemble the bracket hardware onto both the top and bottom rails using pre-drilled holes and coated screws. 
  • Attach foot blocks to bottom rail – For sections up to 6’, one-foot block is needed in the center of the rail. For sections between 6’ to 8’, space two-foot blocks at 1/3 intervals on the rail. 
  • Install bottom rail – Pre-drill holes in the posts, and attach the bottom rail in the proper position using coated screws. 
  • Attach balusters & top rail – Place the balusters into the pre-routed holes in the bottom rail, and slide the top rail over the posts and balusters. Screw the top rail in place. 
  • Install post caps – Finally, attach the post caps to the tops of the posts, and snap them into place. This completes the installation process. 

Need more in-depth instructions? Take a look at this guide from TimberTech for more details.

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