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Great Prices on Douglas Fir in Atlanta Georgia

Searching for Douglas Fir Timbers, Shakes, Shingles, Beams or Siding? We carry a wide range of cedar timbers, beams, siding and shakes in the Metro Atlanta area. If you’re looking for cedar at low prices & fast delivery, you’ve come to the right spot! Give us a call today! (770) 591-4493

Metro Building Products specializes in and is a leading provider of Douglas Fir and building products for the Atlanta metro area. Due to its strength, Douglas-fir is primarily used for building and construction. It is hard and resistant to abrasion, making it suitable for uses where wear is a factor, as in trestles, bridge parts, log homes and commercial buildings. It is one of the finest timbers for heavy structural purposes, including glulam beams and roof trusses.

Structurally, it is used in the form of lumber, timbers, pilings, and plywood. Metro representatives are educated on all lumber grades and can provide professional guidance to help you make the best purchase possible for your project.

A Few of Our Douglas Fir Sizes and Options

Rough Douglas Fir is our specialty. We carry a wide range of Douglas Fir lumber in our Georgia lumberyard. If we don’t have it stocked – we’ll special order it for you.

We also offer specialty in-house planning and sawing services where we can cut to suit your needs. Our Douglas Fir wood is also ideal for building structures, such as pool houses, pergolas, and other custom outdoor structures.

4X12-08′ R/S DOUG FIR
4X12-08′ R/S DOUG FIR
4X12-10′ R/S DOUG FIR
4X12-12′ R/S DOUG FIR
4X12-16′ R/S DOUG FIR
4X12-20′ R/S DOUG FIR
4X6-10′ R/S DOUG FIR
4X6-12′ R/S DOUG FIR

4X6-16′ R/S DOUG FIR
4X8-12′ R/S DOUG FIR
4X8-16′ R/S DOUG FIR
6X10-08′ R/S DOUG FIR
6X10-12′ R/S DOUG FIR
6X12-12′ R/S DOUG FIR
6X12-16′ R/S DOUG FIR
6X6-10′ R/S DOUG FIR

6X6-12′ R/S DOUG FIR
6X6-16′ R/S DOUG FIR
8X12-16′ R/S DOUG FIR
8X8-10′ R/S DOUG FIR
8X8-12′ R/S DOUG FIR
8X8-16′ R/S DOUG FIR
8X8-24′ R/S DOUG FIR

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