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Metro Building Products is proud to feature homes in our Virtual Home Showcase each year. Browse through each home from the comfort of your own and let us know if you have any questions about the products along the way!

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We are searching for projects to capture on film for our Virtual Home Showcase. A professional photographer would contact you to set up a time that works best for both of you. Then we use the images or film to help showcase the products to customers who want to see how they turned out!

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Photo Gallery | Atlanta Lumber Yard

At Metro Building Products, we provide high quality lumber throughout the Atlanta metro area. We stock an impressive variety of woods to suit any residential or commercial product: southern yellow pine, western red cedar, specialty woods, and fire-resistant treated lumber.

We’re Georgia’s cedar leaders, and we specialize in providing high quality cedar timber for siding, decking, railing, balusters, and other outdoor architectural applications. Western red cedar is impressively aromatic. When it’s still unfinished, cedar ranges in color from rich browns, to cinnamon red hues, to mellow amber tones. Its warm color profile adds an inviting aesthetic character to both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

Looking for cedar lumber photos that give you a great idea of what the product actually looks like in person? Our Atlanta lumber yard photos gallery below showcases the best woods we have to offer, especially our unparalleled selection of beautiful, durable cedar.

View each product gallery by clicking on the photo below!