Get long-lasting results in outdoor applications with affordable Strong Tie fasteners

Whether you’re working on a deck, a porch, installing wood siding, or any other application that requires a strong, durable and robust wood screw fastener, the Simpson StrongTie Strong-Drive SDS Structural Wood Screw is an ideal option for your needs. Learn more from Metro Building Products now, and start shopping right away.

The Basics Of Simpson Strong Tie Strong-Drive SDS Structural Wood Screws

The Simpson StrongTie Strong-Drive SDS Structural Wood Screw is a ¼” diameter structural wood screw. It’s built from heat-treated carbon steel. It’s available in a fastener length of between 1 ½ inches to 8 inches.

This fastener is available in a double-barrier coating finish that ensures it resists corrosion and has maximum durability and longevity, but is also sold in a Type-316 Stainless Steel model, which may be a better option for select applications.

The Benefits Of Simpson Strong Tie Strong-Drive SDS Structural Wood Screws

Wondering why you should pick this product from Simpson Strong Tie for your next project? Here are a few benefits of the Strong-Drive SDS Structural Wood Screws.

  • Extensively tested in outdoor applications – Simpson Strong Tie has tested all models of this fastener extensively in a variety of outdoor applications to ensure longevity, proper durability and load capacity. For maximum strength and corrosion resistance, this fastener is a great option.
  • Easy-drive tip – The proprietary 4CUT tip is built to reduce install torque and makes it easier to drive the screw and avoid common problems like wood splitting.
  • Installs with no pre-drilling – Thanks to an aggressive thread profile, these fasteners do not require any pre-drilling of holes in wood and other materials, which makes them easier and faster to install.

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