Atlanta Lumberyard and Cedar Timbers & Shakes

At Metro Building Products near Atlanta GA, we stock a wide range of southern yellow pine, fire retardant lumber, and specialty wood including cedar.


Western Red Cedar

Metro Building Products specializes in and is a leading provider of cedar wood and building products for the Atlanta metro area. Our wide variety of cedar product lines include everything from 1×4 through 4×16 timbers as well as a long list of cedar siding products. We also have the “in house” ability to plane rough sawn cedar wood to be smooth and to a nominal size. 1x and 2x tongue and groove boards for ceilings or side walls are available as well.

Metro stocks #1 Blue Label cedar shake roof shingles and #1 & #2 Cedar shake side wall shingles

Metro representatives are educated on all lumber grades and can provide professional guidance to help you make the best purchase possible for your project.


  • Metro Specializes in cedar products! We are your Cedar Leader in Georgia!

Pressure Treated Pine

Composite materials are expensive and don’t give you a natural look. Bring the durability and natural beauty of pressure treated yellow pine at an affordable price. With pressure treated pine from Metro Building Products, you get access to Yellawood, the leader in pressure treated lumber in a wide variety of sizes.

Find your natural, pressure treated pine without breaking the bank.


Southern Yellow Pine

Metro Building Products stocks all nominal size lines of southern yellow pine wood products. Known as one of the strongest and most versatile species of wood, Southern Yellow Pine is an ideal choice for both building professionals and do-it-yourselfers. It’s a great affordable option for any framing project providing added strength for beams, headers, joists, and rafters.


  • Strong and affordable

Douglas Fir

Well known for its structural strength and versatility, Douglas Fir is a great choice for heavy duty construction. Its primary use is for building, being a hardwood that is highly resistant to wear and tear. With a high strength-to-weight ratio, it makes for a wonderful load-bearing timber. It holds its shape well and is resistant to rot. With long, straight fibers it produces a beautiful finish. Contact Metro Building Products today for a quote.


  • One of the hardest and heaviest American softwoods
  • Natural strength makes it great for construction
  • Wide range of commercial and industrial applications
  • Affordable and readily available

Fire Retardant Lumber

The use of Pressure-impregnated Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW) is required by building codes in many major metropolitan areas for use in wall assemblies and in interior and exterior walls to help contain the spread of smoke and fire, increasing the time that people have to evacuate and move to safety. Metro Building Products stocks all nominal size lines of FRTW lumber and plywood sheathing products.


  • Reduces personal injury and property damage from fires
  • Permits egress from a burning building
  • Slows destruction, increasing time for help to arrive
  • Protects valuable contents of buildings (e.g. art, horses, etc.)
  • Lowers insurance premiums

Premium Treated Lumber

Metro Building Products stocks all nominal size lines of pressure treated lumber with an inventory of both “Ground Contact” and “Above Ground Use” material. Pressure treated lumber is the building material for decks and any exterior project. Metro stocks standard and premium grades providing you with a great selection and professional advice when choosing your deck or outdoor project material. Metro representatives can also provide you guidance on what type fasteners to use when constructing your outdoor project.


  • Resists rot & insects
  • Provides long term performance for outdoor projects

Specialty Lumber

Metro Building Products carries and can special order a long list of specialty lumber and trim products. Metro displays premium lines of pre stained pine tongue and groove ceiling products. Metro also carries cedar tongue and groove material. We can provide novelty wood siding and other hard to find products to match older renovation efforts. PVC trim, poly cast architectural columns, and larger cedar lumber, cedar boards, and cedar beams are also available.


  • Experts of specialty products
  • Can provide those hard to find items for renovations


Metro Building Products stocks true shiplap. Older houses often had plain wooden boards nailed to the frame, just below the siding, which could be used as sub-flooring as well. These boards have sometimes been mistakenly called shiplap, but true shiplap is so much more. True shiplap has special notch cuts, also called rabbets, on the edges of the boards so they fit together perfectly yet can’t be seen once installed.


  • Rabbets allow boards to self-space and prevents water from getting in behind them, making them perfect for siding
  • Once installed, rabbets are hidden, making shiplap great for interior walls
  • Use for kitchens, baths, bedrooms, or any room
  • Can be painted for a clean, classic design
  • Can be left natural and weathered for a more rustic look
  • Whatever way you use them, wood shiplap walls add warmth to a room