4 Ideas For How to Use Cedar In Your Outdoor Living Space

Cedar wood & timbers is and has been one of the top wood selections for outdoor living spaces due to its weather & insect repelling nature

When it comes to outdoor furniture or building, cedar lumber is undoubtedly the best choice. Thanks to its natural resistance to water, bugs and decay, cedar lumber can withstand almost any pests and weather conditions and, compared to many other types of materials, is far more likely to retain its original appearance and vibrant colors.

1, Cedar is an excellent choice for outdoor projects!

So, how can you use cedar lumber in your outdoor living space? Furniture is an excellent choice but it’s far from the only one. Cedar is the preferred materialswhen it comes to building pergolas, for instance. Its durability ensure that the outdoor structure will remain for the years to come, and the pleasant appearance and rich aroma will complement your garden and transform it into a little piece of heaven. Since cedar is generally quite easy to work with and requires little maintenance, you can enjoy your new pergola as soon as you finish the construction and for as long as you wish to!

2. Create a cedar arbor bench

Another stunning backyard project that can be accomplished with cedar lumber is an arbor bench. Making an impromptu seating area in your garden is as easy as stacking a couple of deck chairs, but it won’t give your yard the romantic and cozy appearance an arbor bench would. Plant a few bushes or colorful flowers to complement the rich natural shades of the lumber and enjoy a nice book or a few relaxing moment under the sun.

3. Cedar trellis

If you’d like to add a bit of country or cottage style to your house, consider building trellises from cedar lumber. A major concern in this type of yard project is that putting plants on the wooden trellis accelerates the rotting process and can open the wood to decay. Using cedar in this type of construction will ensure that your trellises retain their stunning appearance and stability for the years to come.

4. Cedar decks and more!

If you’re not feeling creative but would still like to use cedar in your outdoor living space, fences is always a good option. In general, cedar lumber is superior to other wood types when it comes to building fences mostly because of its durability and resistance to weather and moisture. When choosing a fence, make sure you consider how it will fit with the style of your home and garden, and take the level of security and privacy you’d like to have into account.

Finally, smooth wood like cedar is a fantastic surface to walk barefoot on and can greatly enhance the aesthetic of your home. Consider building a cedar deck around your pool – since cedar is moisture-resistant, you won’t need to worry about the wood getting warped or losing its stunning appearance with time.