4 Key Benefits of Using Cedar Lumber & Timber

When building outdoor spaces, regardless of the scope or size of the project, Atlanta homeowners should look for the 4 key benefits of using cedar: sustainability, durability, versatility and, of course, aesthetics. When it comes to wood, cedar lumber is a definite winner, covering all four. Real cedar is highly revered and durable material that is also resistant to those Georgia pest and insects, as well as decay and rot, which makes it the ultimate choice when it comes to building long-lasting items that require little maintenance.

The cedar lumber is made up of white and red sections of wood. The white section is known as sapwood, and the red, which contains the rich aromatic oils – as heartwood. There is a vast body of research suggesting that natural materials are superior to synthetic in every way. Other building materials such as plastic contribute to the greenhouse emissions – cedar, on the other hand, does just the opposite. Additionally, unlike brick or cement, it’s also completely biodegradable and renewable.

Apart from its resistance and durability, the cedar lumber offers other advantages to Atlanta homeowners: very few materials possesses the same stunning natural beauty and rich tonal properties of which makes it an excellent choice for traditional home décor or even in modern architecture.

Another benefit of using cedar lumber is its durability. The material repels insects, including termites naturally and also resists not and decay. Unlike most types of wood which warp when exposed to rain, the cedar lumber also possesses remarkable stability which ensures it won’t change in size or dimension under the influence of that Georgia humidity, weather or temperature changes.

One often overlooked benefit of using western red cedar lumber is its superior sound resistance – it makes it an excellent choice in fencing and exterior sound barriers. Additionally, the cedar lumber is generally quite workable and glues and finishes well, even though the lumber can be left unfinished if you’d like to preserve its distinct aroma. In general, most cedar varieties are vividly grained and come in a variety of shades depending on the sub-species. When painted under the right condition though and by using high quality materials, Atlanta homeowners can enhance the durability of the lumber and ensure the cedar retains its its grain texture and vibrant color for the years to come.