5 Reasons Metro Building Products Is the Atlanta Area’s Cedar Leader

Cedar is an amazing building material. Boards, shingles and accents made of cedar can be incorporated into indoor and outdoor designs alike. The wood’s deep red, eye-catching tones provide a warm, homey feel no matter where it’s used—whether for the beams of an outdoor pergola or as indoor V-joint siding. It’s also an ideal material for gables, inlays or decking, according to Greg Couch, General Manager of Metro Building Products in Marietta, Georgia.

Metro Building Products has long specialized in cedar products because of their versatility. Here are five reasons Metro Building Products has become the cedar leader in the Atlanta area.

Everyday, extensive know-how. Each month, Metro Building Products provides Atlanta-area homeowners and contractors with building materials for more than 200 decks. Many of these are built with cedar or incorporate cedar pergolas or pavilions. Metro Building Products’ knowledgeable staff can offer recommendations about ways to incorporate cedar to combine function and good looks.

In stock, ready for pickup or delivery. “What really sets us above other lumberyards is our in-stock availability of cedar,” Couch says. “We’re one of the few places that stock several cedar products while staying competitive on pricing.” Whether your project is a deck, landscaping with timbers or covering an outdoor kitchen with a pavilion, Metro Building Products will have cedar in stock and ready for pickup or delivery.

High-quality western red cedar. “The western red cedar is ideal for many projects—everything from decks to shingles to highlights, even man-cave accents,” Couch says. “It’s a really good product: all-natural and harvested from managed forests.” In addition to being environmentally friendly, western red cedar is easier to cut and lighter to handle than other decking material. Western red cedar is a highly stable wood and won’t shrink in the face of temperature or moisture changes like other woods. Homeowners can allow it to weather into a natural gray color or easily preserve its red hue with stain. Western red cedar also acts as a natural pest repellant.

Vast selection of cedar products. Metro Building Products has a wide range of cedar building materials, including:

  • Rough-cut cedar: A Metro Building Products specialty, rough-cut cedar has an unfinished edge that designers use for natural-looking furniture, countertops or other accents.
  • Cedar timber: A huge selection including cedar beams, boards and posts; sizes include 2×4, 2×6, 6×6, 8×8 and more.
  • Cedar siding: This sustainable option adds warmth and grace to any project. Metro Building Products’ cedar siding includes cedar bevel lap siding, #1 and #2 cedar shake sidewall shingles, and tongue-and-groove siding. Resistant to insects, decay and rot, cedar siding is a beautiful option.
  •  Cedar roofing: Certified #1 grade Blue Label western red cedar shingles are sought-after because of their uniform, smooth, natural appearance. They’re ideal for gazebos, patios and pavilion roofs, as well as for homes and commercial structures.
  • Cedar ceilings: Offering an elegant look for any interior, a cedar ceiling creates a warm, natural appearance while also absorbing sound and providing an insulating layer.
  • Cedar posts: Whether you’re looking for rough-cut or smooth cedar posts, Metro Building Products has a vast selection of sizes and lengths.
  • Cedar boards: Available in rough cut, smooth or surface one-side, two edges, these boards are excellent for outdoor projects. Weather-resistant, they can age into a silver-gray tone or be preserved with oil to keep their golden-red color.
  • V-joint cedar boards: Good for soffits, outdoor porch ceilings or interior paneling, cedar V-joint boards are resistant to rot, decay and insects.

In-house cedar cutting service. One of the biggest advantages for contractors, builders and homeowners is Metro Building Products’ ability to plane rough-sawn wood into smooth and nominal sizes. Metro can also provide custom cutting for rough cedar posts, beams and boards. Our in-house cutting service can also remove high spots and shape the cedar into smooth, level surfaces, saving time for both contractors and homeowners.