5 Reasons to Build with KDAT Wood

When it comes to decks, gazebos, and other outdoor building projects, you just can’t beat the look and feel of real, genuine wood.

Sure, there are composite materials and other alternatives that mimic natural wood, but it’s never quite the same. By itself, wood isn’t always the most durable material. It’s prone to water damage, fungal rot, insect damage, and other issues. Being a natural, degradable, renewable resource comes at a cost.

Kiln-dried (KDAT) pressure treated decking lets you enjoy the timeless appeal of natural wood, with extra protection against the outdoor elements. A unique pressure treatment process confers extra protection, but you can still paint, sand, and finish the wood almost immediately.

The Kiln Drying Process

Like many other lumber products, KDAT wood undergoes a pressure treatment process. This process forces specially formulated chemical preservatives deep into the wood’s structure. This protects against fungal decomposition, termite attacks, and other causes of damage. This process doesn’t work with all types of wood, and isn’t applicable for all species of trees. It works best with species like Southern Pine, with a high percentage of sapwood.

After the pressure treatment, KDAT lumber is placed in a large kiln. The heat remotes any excess moisture from the pressure treatment process, which is often achieved using waterborne preservatives. The even drying and highly controlled temperature in the kiln environment keeps the wood from bending or warping, ending with a stiff and very stable product.

5 Reasons to Build with KDAT Wood

KDAT offers a selection of benefits over other types of pressure treated wood, making it a great choice for a wide variety of outdoor building projects.

  1. You can finish the wood immediately. When pressure treated wood is dried naturally without the aid of a kiln, it can take weeks or even months to dry completely. KDAT lumber can be painted, stained, and sealed almost immediately.
  2. It’s protected against warping. The kiln drying process reduces the wood’s natural tendency toward warping, shrinking, and deformation.
  3. Light weight. With its moisture content completely restored to its original level, KDAT lumber often weighs significantly less than other forms of treated wood.
  4. Light color. KDAT wood’s naturally light coloration makes it particularly well suited for staining and painting.
  5. Superior strength. KDAT lumber has superior strength and stiffness, along with better holding power than other treated woods.

KDAT Lumber in Atlanta, Georgia

When you’re building an outdoor deck, you need wood that can hold its own against the elements. From moisture and fungal rot to termite attacks, lumber is vulnerable without proper treatment. Kiln-dried pressure-treated decking provides a strong, weather-resistant material, without sacrificing the look and feel of genuine natural wood. For that reason, it’s a top choice among DIYers and professional contractors alike.  If you’re interested in learning more or ordering KDAT lumber in Atlanta, GA give us a call!