Complete The Style Of Your Outdoor Space

Complete The Style Of Your Outdoor Space
With Fortress Accents Flat Pyramid Caps

Whether you’re working on a DIY deck or a project for a client, Fortress Accents Flat Pyramid Caps are ideal for capping your posts, and creating a truly beautiful deck, patio or outdoor space. Learn more now.

Fortress Accents Flat Pyramid Caps – The Basics

Fortress Accents Flat Pyramid Caps are built to be highly versatile, and can be used with a huge variety of railing and decking materials including natural wood, PVC and composite decking like Trex, and more, with cap sizes ranging from 3” to 6”. They’re an ideal accent for your next outdoor project.

Why Choose Fortress Accents Flat Pyramid Caps? The Benefits

Why should you use a Fortress Accents Flat Pyramid Cap for your decking? Here are just a few of the best reasons.

  • LED lighting accessories available – Not only is the Fortress Accents Flat Pyramid Post Cap stylish, but it also has the ability to support outdoor lighting, such as the LED Glow Ring or LED Cap Light Kit from Fortress Accents, providing beautiful deck lighting for your project.
  • Durable die-cast, powder-coated construction – Each Fortress Accent Flat Pyramid Cap is made from a die-cast aluminum housing that’s finished with DuPont powder coating for ultimate corrosion resistance performance and durability.
  • Maintenance-free, 10-year warranty – These maintenance-free caps won’t rust, corrode or become damaged by ultraviolet rays. Not only that, but Every Flat Pyramid Post Cap by Fortress Accents is protected by a 10-year warranty, ensuring a long life for your deck.

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