Metro Building Products Offers Metal Railings for Quality and Durability

High quality, durable Metal Railings from Metro Building Products

There are times when quality is the top priority, where making an investment is wiser than going with the cheapest thing you can find. Sometimes, cutting corners can cost you in the long run. When it comes to making improvements on your home, quality should come first. Otherwise, the money you spend may end up being money you waste.

The benefits of choosing durable, beautiful, well-made metal deck railings for your decking or porch project far outweigh a cheaply-made option. When it comes to the life of your porch or deck, be sure to choose a product that will pay for itself over time. Metal railings are known to be a low maintenance, long lasting choice. However, not all metal railings are created equal. If you don’t choose carefully, you might end up with a material that rusts, chips and breaks down in the elements. We make sure to choose high quality metal railing options for your building needs. Using our experience and knowledge in what it takes to make a great aluminum or iron railing, we take pride in offering the best choices for what you need.

Trex Railing

Trex offers multiple choices in metal railings. Design, color, curvature and detail are widely varied. These products not only look great, but are backed by warranty. Having a variety of choices in looks and design features mean a personalized look that matches your home and style. Trex offers three different railing lines that give you options in color, profile and lighting options. The Signature series offers curving handrails, great for surrounding a showpiece area on your deck or porch. With the understated elegance of post cap lighting and wedge lights, you can really show off your outdoor spaces. Choices in aluminum or composite railings and posts can make the look you are going for within your reach.

The Transcend and Select series are designed for durability. They are made to withstand peeling, splintering, warping and rot. Mix and match your balusters, posts and railings for the look you are going for. Eliminating the need for painting and staining—you get your money’s worth in upkeep costs, alone. Unlike other brands that are susceptible to rust and corrosion, you won’t need to replace the unsightly spots or spend time and money covering faded or chipped coatings.

Other features offered with the Trex line include railing and post components that are universally compatible with other Trex railing lines. Aluminum ADA compliant handrails can also be installed in Charcoal Black, Bronze and Classic White. AAMA-2604 compliant and powder coated, it resists fading, chipping and corrosion. Aluminum gates, great for safety and security with pets and children, are also available. Offering locking latches and adjustable hinges, they can also be customized to fit an opening as wide as 48”. Like the handrails, these gates also resist corrosion and retain their color. Made from 40% recycled aluminum, they are 100% recyclable and made from renewable resources. Easy to install, with high performance and low maintenance, Trex strives to offer metal railing components that look great and last the test of time. With a 25-year limited residential warranty, you know you can count on Trex to give you an outstanding product.

Fortress Railing

Fortress Railing has a deep commitment to innovation, durability and a beautiful presentation. They offer Fe26 Iron Railing, a customized wrought-iron that comes in pre-welded panels. Compliant with ETL-Intertek International building codes, they are made to the highest standards. With a pre-galvanized steel, zinc and phosphate premium powder coating, “Fortress Shield” technology resists rust and corrosion. Their multi-layered anti corrosion technology is available in textured finishes and are virtually maintenance free. They offer a 15-year limited warranty with their iron railing products, so you can relax in knowing these beautiful railings are made to last.

The Al13 Aluminum Railing line offered by Fortress Railing also comes with pre-welded panels. A 100% recyclable material, it is pre-coated for extra protection, requires almost no maintenance for upkeep and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Available in three textured finishes, you can really customize your look. They can be installed with the composite, wood, vinyl or aluminum posts offered also by Fortress Railing. Keeping versatility, quality and innovation in mind, this line is a great choice in aluminum railing products.

Our Metal Deck Railing Products

When choosing the metal railings that will be installed on your porch or deck, choose carefully. Metro Building products want to offer you the best and highest quality selection available. We look for products that are code compliant, durable and well made. Along with beautiful design and easy installation, we want to give you the finest choices on the market. When you make your decision, we are happy to offer you the best on the market in metal railings. Although we do not install these railing products, we can help you find a reputable installer in your area. Contact us today to get started on your beautiful metal railing project.