Outdoor Accents® ZMAX® Angle 4x

Ideal for home repair projects, outdoor living structures & more

Whether you’re building a new outdoor structure like a pergola or a gazebo, or reinforcing floor or rafters for a home repair or rehabilitation project, Outdoor Accents® ZMAX® Angle 4x products are a great choice.

With great strength and durability and a unique, decorative appearance, this product is ideal for just about any project that involves fastening beams, rafters, joists or lumber. Shop now at Metro Building Products, or learn more about these products from Simpson Strong Tie below.

The Basics Of The Outdoor Accents® ZMAX® Angle 4x

The Outdoor Accents® ZMAX® Angle 4x is an indoor and outdoor connector built out of 12 gauge steel or 14 gauge steel, depending on the size of your chosen model. It’s finished with a ZMAX Galvanized black powder coat, and has a unique, decorative Mission style that makes it perfect for applications where the fastener and connector will be exposed.

Depending on the model (APA4, APA6, or APA21) the Outdoor Accents® ZMAX® Angle 4x connector can be used with lumber ranging in size from 2x to 6x or larger, making it very versatile.

The Benefits Of The Outdoor Accents® ZMAX® Angle 4x

Why choose this product from Simpson Strong-Tie and Outdoor Accents® for your next project? Here are a few good reasons.

  • Easy fastening – This product can be easily installed with Outdoor Accents wood screws and hex-head washers for a decorative look. It’s easy to install with standard power tools.
  • Unique APA angle – The APA angle of The Outdoor Accents® ZMAX® Angle 4x creates a strong structural connection between the beams and posts, and provides an enhanced aesthetic appearance.
  • Mission-inspired design – The Outdoor Accents® ZMAX® Angle 4x is part of the Mission Collection from Simpson Strong Tie, and has a unique black powder coat finish that makes it visually appealing, even when installed in an exposed position.

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