Outdoor Wood Projects

The Most Common Outdoor wood projects

Wood is one of the most versatile, natural, and renewable building materials. Furthermore, wood construction is efficient and usually completed relatively faster than other building options, making it perfect for outdoor projects. It also offers specific properties that make wooden structures study and durable. So, if you live in Metro Atlanta and looking forward to building an outdoor structure such as a pergola, gazebo, or deck, you may want to consider wood as the primary construction material.

Metro Building Products is a leading Atlanta wood company handling timber and other outdoor wood building products. We serve deck-builders, contractors, and homeowners in and around the Atlanta area.

  • Decking

If you are looking for timber decking boards, we’ve got you covered at Metro Building Products. We offer a wide range of decking options you can use to transform the look and function of your backyard. We offer an extensive range of decking materials at competitive rates, whether you need wood, composite, or other wood decking options.

  • Siding

Wood has become a popular siding choice for many homeowners. This is because it is low-cost, easy to use, and easily available. It also adds versatility and aesthetics to your exterior living space. When looking for wood siding material, don’t hesitate to check out the huge selection at Metro Building Products. We offer endless options from Cedar Bevel Lap to Hardie Board, Cedar Channel Rustic, Tongue and Groove, and Cedar Shingles.

  • Outdoor Kitchen

Looking to build your outdoor kitchen using wood? Wooden outdoor kitchens are steadily growing in popularity because they are low cost and quick to install. The best part is that you can still use a built-in grill or a Green Egg grill on your wooden outdoor kitchen door. When it comes to wooden outdoor kitchens, we recommend using pressure-treated lumber because it is heat-resistant and can handle the elements better.

  • Garden Structures

Whether you want to build a gazebo, a pergola, a deck, porches, or other garden structures, Metro offers a wide range of wooden materials to choose from. Our wood products include Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, Cedar Lumber, and specialty wood.

Metro’s 3 Step Process for Getting Started

  • Select your product from our extensive inventory – Metro carries a vast range of outdoor building products and materials, including pressure treated, composite decking, cedar lumber, and more.
  • Great Prices – Besides providing high-quality building materials, we also offer highly competitive prices in the market.
  • Quick Delivery – Once you order your building products, we move fast to deliver your products quickly to avoid unnecessary delays and ensure deck builders and contractors stay focused on their work.

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