Should Lumber Be Pressure Treated for Outdoor Projects?

Pressure Treated Lumber for Outdoor Constructions

Pressure-treated lumber is wood that has undergone chemical preservative infusion to make it less susceptible to water damage, mold, and insects. The pressure treatment can make the wood more durable or, better still, become fire retardant.

Pressure treatment involves the use of high pressure to add a chemical preservative into the wood. The wood is first placed in a horizontal steel cylinder that looks like a rail car. The vacuum then removes the air from the cylinder and the lumber. The cylinder is then filled with high pressure to drive the chemical preservatives into the lumber.

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Is it Necessary to Use Pressure Treated Lumber for Outdoor Projects?

Since the pressure-treated lumber is more durable than natural wood, it’s perfect for use in areas with excessive moisture. Due to the level of moisture exposure outside, it’s essential to use pressure-treated lumber for your deckbuilding and other outdoor projects.

Some of the areas to use pressure-treated lumber include:

  • Retaining walls– Since the retaining walls constantly contact the ground, the water accumulating behind the walls can cause your natural wood to rot. If you’re a contractor designing a retaining wall, the best type of building material to consider is pressure-treated lumber.
  • Masonry walls– If you have vertical wood resting on concrete, the international building codes recommend treating the wood. You must also require pressure-treated wood for sills or sleepers that contact masonry.
  • Post and beams in contact with the ground– No matter how dry it may seem, the soil has a significant moisture percentage. The moisture can be transferred to your post and beams. Therefore, you need pressure-treated lumber for your fence and deck installation.

Pressure-treated lumber is perfect for landscaping and deck-building projects. However, it would be best if you relied on the industry’s best-treated lumber. If you choose Metro Building, we will work with you to determine the type of treated wood you need for your upcoming project.

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What to Expect from Metro Building

At Metro Building Products, you’ll get the lumber and timber products needed to make your exterior building projects a success. We also have top-quality building hardware products like deck screws, hangers, and bolts. We understand that you may want to complete your project faster, so we will ensure the products are delivered promptly.

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