How Rough Cut Cedar Beams Brought New Life To This North Atlanta Office

Older office buildings must occasionally face expensive overhauls and time-consuming facelifts – whether because of outdated building standards, new management, or a simple desire to modernize the look and environs of an office building.

This was the situation we found ourselves in with our new Marietta Lumber Yard– though the design of the office was incredibly functional, it didn’t offer much more in the way of visual interest, appearing as a simple, rather squat metal box that was much more utilitarian than aesthetically pleasing.

Simple Can Be Better

Instead of a huge project where the walls and roof would be replaced or refinished to make them more appealing, it was decided that the natural, bare-metal look of the structure should be integrated into the design, allowing it to maintain its own unique aesthetic while building upon it with some more visually appealing building hardware.

Rough Cut Cedar Wood – A Perfect Pair

Exposed metal isn’t a bad thing, but it can be boring and a bit artificial. In order to really up the curb appeal of this office, there needed to be some contrast. And in rough cut cedar lumber, a perfect partner was found.

The massive, rough-hewn columns of wood provide a much-needed contrast to the rest of the structure and lend it visual appeal, accenting the bare-metal finish. It’s not just aesthetic, either.

A large roofed area was crafted with a double-tiered design over the front door to allow for some more protection from the rain, sun, and elements, and the high, peaked roof with the smaller, gently sloping second tier built out of a tin-roofing material further enhances the contrasting aesthetics of the rough cut cedar wood, and the smoothly corrugated metal of the building.

Cedar to the Rescue

Sometimes renovations don’t have to be time-consuming nightmares – as seen above, a change as simple as some rough cut cedar lumber and a little bit of know-how and visual design knowledge can change a building’s entire look from stuffy, industrial, and utilitarian to modern, appealing, and beautiful.