Secure, Durable Fasteners For Outdoor Use

Secure, Durable Fasteners For Outdoor Use

Why You Should Choose Yellawood Outdoor Fasteners For Your Project?

Building a pressure treated deck, a gazebo, a pergola or any other outdoor wood structure? To ensure the best results and a long lifespan for your work, you need to use the right fasteners – such as epoxy-coated Yellawood Outdoor Fasteners. High-quality fasteners make your job easy, and ensure your structure reaches its maximum possible lifespan.


Yellawood Outdoor Fastener Specifications & Basics

Yellawood Outdoor Fasteners are made from carbon steel coated with epoxy for maximum corrosion resistance, even in areas with saltwater. They’re available in a wide variety of sizes, and in both flat and trim heads, with an extra deep star drive recess (T-20) for easy use.

We offer Yellawood Outdoor Fasteners in lengths ranging from just 1 ¼” to 6”, in gauges ranging from 7-10. From single blister packs to bulk boxes and pails, we can provide you with the fasteners you need for your outdoor project.

Why Choose Yellawood Outdoor Fasteners? The Benefits

So, why are Yellawood Outdoor Fasteners the best way to fasten wood together outdoors? Here are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy when you use these fasteners for your project.

  • Fast, easy entry – Yellawood Outdoor Fasteners use a type 17 auger tip and nib for fast, easy entry with all drills.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance – Epoxy is the best fastener coating for outdoor use, as it prevents corrosion and keeps your fasteners strong.
  • Tan color blends in with wood – Tan-colored epoxy coated carbon steel matches pressure-treated pine and most other woods for a better finish.

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