Simpson Strong-Tie Deck Joist Ties

Get The Job Done Right With Simpson Strong-Tie Deck Joist Ties

Whether you’re building decks and fences, or any other outdoor structure that requires joist ties, a Simpson Deck Joist Tie is the best choice for your project. Simpson Strong-Tie products are strong, corrosion-resistant and offer superior performance in all weather conditions and environments. Learn more about these deck ties below, and see why they’re the best option.

The Basics Of Simpson StrongTie Deck Joist Ties

The Simpson Strong-Tie Deck Joist Tie is a Z-Max Deck Joist Tie that’s heavily corrosion-resistant. The ZMAX® coating creates a galvanized, strong tie with a galvanization thickness in line with ASTM A123 standards.

This product is designed to attach 2x deck joists to 4x or larger support posts, and supports installation with both nails and bolts for maximum versatility. It’s recommended to be used with other HDG (hot-dip galvanized) building fasteners to ensure proper corrosion resistance.

Why Choose Simpson Strong-Tie Deck Joist Ties?

Wondering why you should choose these deck joist ties for your next project? Here are just a few reasons.

  • Unparalleled strength – Looking for deck joist hurricane ties? Simpson Strong-Tie products can hold up to any weather conditions, even high winds and salt water.
  • Easy installation – This product can be attached to the post first, and quickly secured to porch joists using either nails or bolts for flexible installation.
  • Large load capacity – Each joist tie, when properly installed, can support a load exceeding 1,100lbs with nails, and 1,325lbs with bolts, ensuring they are strong enough for any deck.

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