The Right Tool For PVC & Composite Decking

The Right Tool For PVC & Composite Decking
Shop Deckfast Fascia System Screws For Your Project

Whether you’re installing Trex decking, installing the Deckfast Fascia system, or working with any other composite and PVC deck material, Deckfast Fascia System Screws are the ideal choice. Not only are they ideal for all composite materials, but they can also be used as screws for wood fascia. Learn more below, or shop at Metro Building Products now.

The Basics Of Deckfast® Fascia System Screws

The Fascia System has been designed as the ideal solution for Trex fascia screws, and can be used with any other type of composite decking.

It’s available in both stainless steel and epoxy coated carbon steel models, depending on your needs. All screws are available with color-matched heads for a seamless finish, feature a T20 Star Drive, 04.” head diameter, and have a Type 17 Auger Tip.


Why Choose Deckfast Fascia Screws?

  • Wide variety of colors – The Deckfast Fascia Screw System is available in numerous colors to match almost any composite or PVC deck, including Trex. From dark gray to mahogany, sand and more, we offer more than a dozen different colors.
  • Pre-drilling for better results – Using the Deckfast Fascia System Tool, you can pre-drill holes to allow for more contraction and expansion of fascia boards, providing a secure hold without placing too much force on the fastener.
  • Seamless finish – Because Deckfast Fascia Screws are color-matched to your composite decking and can be installed perfectly flush using the Deckfast Fascia System Tool, your results will be beautiful and seamless.

Get What You Need From Metro Building Products Now

Need a supplier in metro Atlanta for Deckfast Fascia System Screws? Metro Building Products is the right choice. We’ve got a wide range of Deckfast products at low prices. Got questions, or want to place an order? Contact usright away to learn more and get what you need.