The Top Uses For Fire Retardant Treated Wood

If you’re interested in creating safer, more fire-resistant structures, fire retardant treated wood (FRTW) is a fantastic choice. At Metro Building Products, we have a long line of FRTW products. Learn more about FRTW and its benefits below!


What Is Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW)?

Fire retardant treated wood is treated with a high-pressure chemical process. Untreated lumber is placed in a chemical bath under high pressure, allowing for the chemicals to soak deeply into the wood. This results in wood that’s impregnated with fire-resistant chemicals.

When exposed to a heat source, FRTW decomposes at a much slower rate, compared to untreated wood. The chemicals react with the high temperature, releasing nonflammable gas and water vapor, rather than catching flame.

FRTW is not immune to fire, and it will eventually catch flame. However, it maintains its structural integrity for a far longer time than untreated wood, to such an extent that it can slow down the progression of a fire.

Despite its chemical composition, FRTW can also be stained, painted, and treated just like non-fire resistant lumber, so it’s suitable for both internal applications, and use as an exterior structural material.

How Can I Use Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW)?  

Fire rated wood and fire treated lumber can be used in place of any other type of lumber. FRTW maintains the same strength and structural integrity as untreated products, while offering superior fire resistance.

Common uses of FRTW include:

  • Exterior architectural trim
  • Building framing and support structures
  • Corridors and hallways
  • Fire barriers
  • Exterior walls
  • Roof construction
  • Interior partitions

These are just a few examples. By using fire resistant wood such as fire rated plywood, you can also meet and surpass NFPA regulations for fire safety. This means that any home you build with FRTW may have a lower cost when it comes to homeowner’s insurance.

This also helps reduce liability on the part of your commercial clients. If a fire does happen in a large commercial or residential complex, fire resistant wood can help slow the progression of the fire – minimizing liability and maximizing the safety of workers and residents. 

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