What is A Baluster?

Understanding the Basics of Balusters

The staircase is probably the first thing your visitors see when they enter your house. It helps to define the structure and design of your interior. The most common components used to display your staircases are balusters. These popular features also come in handy when building a railing system on your deck.

Balusters are the vertical posts on railings. They have vase-like designs and can be made of either iron, aluminum, wood, or other materials. A combination of several balusters with even spacing is known as a balustrade. At Metro Building Products Inc., we have quality glass, aluminum, iron, and wooden balusters to add an appealing touch to your deck or staircase.

Common Baluster Ideas

There is more to balusters than just creating an aesthetic appeal. Balusters eliminate excess space on railing systems, thus reducing the risk of a fall. If you have rattling stairs or deck, you need to consider installing one of the following types of balusters.

  • Wooden Balusters

There are different types of wood species to use for your balustrade. The choice of wood you pick narrows down to your preference and whether you’d like to paint or stain your balusters. The best thing about wooden balusters is that you can replicate them. At Metro Building Products, we have quality wood balusters for you. At Metro Building Products, we have quality wood balusters and hardware for your decking project.

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or architect, we will help you determine the number of balusters you need and supply them within a short turnaround time. If you want to add a modern look to your deck or staircase, we have a wide range of baluster options available for you.

  • Wrought Iron Balusters

Wrought iron holds out better than wood. Unlike wood, it’s not susceptible to termites and mold. You don’t need to regularly clean or stain your wrought iron balusters to maintain that appealing look. At Metro Building Products, Inc., we have a wide range of options regardless of whether you want a classical or modern look.

  • Glass Balusters

Glass blusters have an appealing visual impact that facilitates light flow and makes your space look brighter. When installed correctly, they are safe and add unparalleled aesthetic value to your home. Remember that glass blusters require regular cleaning with soap, vinegar, and a cloth. It is essential to consider your safety and local building codes before you choose a glass baluster.

Get Quality Balusters from a Reputable Supplier Today

When it comes to quality balusters for your railing system, don’t settle for less. At Metro Building Products, Inc., our aluminum, wooden, glass, and iron balusters will offer the optimum safety and beauty you need in your home. Please contact us online now or call us directly at (770) 591-4493 to place your order and see how we can help you in your next home improvement project.