What You Need to Know About Simpson Strong-Tie 6×6 Post Base

A Detailed Guide to Simpson Strong-Tie Base and Simpson Strong-Tie Post Base 6×6

Simpson Strong-Tie Post bases are devices used to establish a connection between a concrete foundation and a wood post. They are commonly used to hold posts in buildings like pole barns and supporting structures like decks and patio covers. The posts are elevated to avoid exposing structural wood to water.

At Metro Building Products, we have quality Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners to help you establish sturdy structures. These post bases blend well with concrete and are perfect for decks, patio covers, and other top-supported structures. If you’re looking for a solution to offer corrosion resistance properties and avoid post end rot, our 6×6 post bases, are what you need.

How the Simpson Strong-Tie Post Base 6×6 Works

To use a Simpson Strong-Tie post base, you must attach it to the bottom of the hole using screws. You need to dig a hole into the pouring cement and create room for the post. The post (with the post base) is placed in the hole.

It is essential to ensure that the protrusions of the post base are inside the wet cement. This allows a huge chunk of the wood post to stand off from the concrete while still held in place. The post base attaches a post or concrete in projects that require a 6×6.

Typically, post bases are made of steel and remain on the ground. However, steel alone may not be enough to provide corrosion resistance or avoid post-end rot. The Simpson Strong-Tie Post base is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel. The Zmax galvanization used in Simpson Strong-Tie products offers extra corrosion resistance to ensure you build a structure that will last for years.

Using the Simpson post base to install posts instead of directly embedding them into concrete helps ensure that your posts serve you for longer. Wood posts directly embedded in concrete usually last for about 50 years.

Types of Post Bases

There are different types of post bases designed for different construction applications. Some of the most common Strong-Tie post bases include:

  • PBS- These post bases connect post and column bases and are perfect for patio covers, decks, and other top structures. They have a one-inch standoff from concrete to prevent decay.
  • UB– The UB post bases are U-shaped and are used to connect wood posts with existing concrete. They are commonly used for post-installed applications.
  • WUB- These post bases are also U-shaped and are meant for applications where the concrete is still wet.
  • ABW- This adjustable post base with wind uplift is slotted for adjustability and attaches wood posts to existing concrete.

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